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Nepali children in remote Himalayas, and in many rural parts of the country are deprived of education due to prevailing poverty. help to help Nepal since its inception in 2012 AD, is supporting such deprived and disadvantaged children to education by enrolling them to schools, thus securing their future.

You can sponsor children through help to help Nepal Child Sponsorship Program, and make a prominent change in their life. Donate Now, for sponsoring children to education and make life long impact in children life.

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Satrasaya to Suryodaya Road Construction Project

Admin March 02, 2016 at 05:45 pm Yanchowk, Aanboo Khaireni Municipality

The concrete roads linking from Satrasaya to Shree Suryodaya Primary School, Yanchowk, ward-1, Aanboo Khaireni Municipality. The past mud hill road hindered vehicular blockade during the monsoon season and problems for the passerby including school children in walking through muddy roads.


help to help Nepal constructed the concrete roads measuring 2.5 Kilometer in length from the touch point of Satrasaya Highway to Suryodaya School. The constructed road was built by The Development and Preservation Committee of Andhimool Religious and Tourism Area, Aanboo Khaireni with the financial support from medihimal, Germany. 

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“I thank my sponsors for opening doors to my school education.”
Anu Thapamagar, Shree Suryodaya School